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Our Advantage

Our goal has never been to be the largest Republican consulting firm. Rather, we strive to elect Republicans and beat Democrats, to learn as we grow and to develop & nurture first-class professional relationships with our clients, partners & associates.

You’ll never be just a number to us.

In addition to our hands-on approach, Eagle brings three specific advantages to bear for its clients:

Direct mail, digital, TV, phones

Our cutting-edge creative and technical skills in the area of general consulting, issues management and voter contact.

Decades of hard-earned know-how

Our many years of battle-tested experience in both primaries and general elections, where what we did mattered.


Our in-depth knowledge of the political landscape.

In the 2019 race for two openings on PA Superior Court, the IE program that Eagle created for the PA Chamber & the Hospital and Healthsystem Assoc. of PA focused on two of the state’s six TV markets. The integrated outreach effort — which utilized split-15 TV ads, digital advertising and direct mail — increased the GOP candidates vote percentage in each of the 27 counties in those two media markets, compared to the 2017 races for Superior Court.

In 2014, Rep. Jesse White, one of the most polarizing Democratic members of the Pennsylvania House, was soundly beaten in part by a cutting-edge all-digital ad campaign that detailed his extensive abuses in power. The online program targeted known general election voters and directed them to a website that detailed White’s ethical lapses and cyber-stalking of his own constituents.

In 2006 Pennsylvania politics was roiled by the large pay raise the Legislature had voted itself. And in the primary that spring the top two GOP Leaders of the State Senate lost to opposition spurred by their pay raise vote. In the summer of 2006 Eagle was brought into the campaign of Republican Senator Bob Robbins, the only remaining member of Senate GOP Leadership up for re-election that year.

With our help and guidance, Bob ran a modern, aggressive campaign that comfortably defeated the well-financed Democrat whose campaign had focused on the pay raise.

And several years ago, acting as both general and direct mail consultant, we were part of the team that beat a 16-year incumbent in a GOP legislative primary in New Jersey. Our client, the endorsed Republican, was the only candidate of either party to beat an incumbent in the primary that year, winning by a better than 2:1 margin!

We know that we win when you win.

General Consulting • Direct Mail • Digital • TV • Survey Research

Direct mail piece - 2019 Superior Court IE
Eagle Consulting TV ads
Direct mail piece - 2010 IE in PA-5

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